Animal Services Doral

Animal Services Doral

When you have a pet you know the importance of finding high quality, reliable and affordable veterinary care. The best animal services in Doral offer compassionate care from an experienced and skilled veterinarian and team. Ideally, you want to choose a veterinary clinic that offers a full range of animal services in Doral. There are a number of different services that you will want to be aware of when choosing your clinic.

Animal Services in Doral

There are a number of different animal services in Doral that are necessary for a happy and healthy pet. These include pet wellness services, health maintenance, diagnostics, surgery and dental care. All of these can be handled by a leading veterinary care clinic.

Health and wellness services begin the moment your pick up your pet. Whether you adopt a pet as an adult or as a small puppy or kitten, he needs medical care from the start. Your pet needs tests, vaccinations and an overall wellness checkup to ensure that he is healthy. Ongoing care is also required. Adult pets need to visit the vet for an exam and vaccinations every year.

State-of-The-Art Pet Care

When you choose a veterinary clinic it is helpful to make sure that it offers all of the services that you may need. In addition, the vet should have access to the latest diagnostic tools. For example, digital radiology offers the most sophisticated method of taking x-rays. There are other diagnostics that are also helpful in evaluating and diagnosing various illnesses, diseases and injuries.

Besides digital radiology, other forms of diagnostic technology include ultrasound, video otoscopy, endoscopy and electrocardiograms, among others. These tests will help your vet make a diagnosis so that treatment can begin quickly. In addition to diagnostics, surgical centers allow vets to more easily and efficiently perform operations on pets when necessary. An on-site laboratory is helpful because your vet doesn’t need to wait for days to obtain the results of tests.

Dental Care

Pets require regular dental checkups and cleanings. In some instances, the pet will be placed under sedation while the vet performs the necessary work. Tarter and plaque removal will ensure that your pet stays healthy and that the teeth and gums continue to perform properly. If a tooth becomes infected or broken, it may need to be removed, much like what happens with a human. The vet will identify the problem and determine the best treatment.

Throughout your pet’s life, good veterinary care will help prolong his life and keep him happy and healthy. If your pet suffers an injury, the vet will take immediate action to provide treatment and make your pet comfortable.

As pets age, they continue to need medical care. Just like their human owners, pets can have some medical issues as they get older. Your veterinarian will address these issues and provide treatment or medication.

Whether you have a dog, cat or pocket pet, you can get the high quality care your pet needs at Doral Veterinary Care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.